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About Mark & Chantal

We are Mark & Chantal, originally from the Netherlands, now living in Moraira, Spain. 

From the moment we met in 2012 we knew we both wanted to get away from the corporate rat race. But then what? Together we explored our options and grew closer during our world trip in 2017.  

End result: We moved to Spain in 2019 and started our own coffee and wine bar in Moraira. 

Mark’s passion for wine derives from his love for good food. “It was triggered years ago with an excellent 7-course dinner, that included a wine pairing with every course. (Funny detail that restaurant is called  Merlot). That made me aware of the variety and quality of wine. 

Nothing beats a delightful meal with a beautiful wine to complement it”.

For Chantal, our tasting experience in the Barossa Valley was an eye-opener about wine tasting and food & wine pairing. “Curious as I am, that made me want to learn more. 

After moving to Spain we started exploring Spanish wines and realized their variety and value are abundant. So there is still a lot to discover”.

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